It's Time to Rethink the Drink: 5 Healthy Alternatives to Juice and Flavored Milk

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Every day families ask me what their child is suppose to drink if juices (apple juice, Capri Sun, etc.) and flavored milk are not good options, especially if their children won't drink are 5 healthy alternatives:

  1. Water is nature’s perfect beverage. If children find it too plain, try flavoring it naturally with fruits like strawberries, oranges and even cucumber! Check out "Hydracy," a fruit infused water bottle

  2. Chamomile or other non-caffeinated tea iced in the refrigerator can make for a refreshing non-sweetened beverage.

  3. Try adding lemon juice to a glass of water for a natural flavor and for natural sweetness, a tiny bit of honey.

  4. Coconut water is refreshing, hydrating and very nutritious.

  5. Vegetable juices generally contain much less sugar than fruit juice (read the food label to be sure, this may not be true if the juice contains both fruits and vegetables).
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