Dr. Julie Wei


Dr. Julie Wei is an internationally recognized award-winning Pediatric Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for children), creator of online courses for parents, author of A Healthier Wei and co-author of Acid Reflux in Children, accomplished speaker, distinguished researcher and loving mother.

She believes that many children suffering from runny noses, allergy symptoms and sore throats are being misdiagnosed and overmedicated. Using wisdom from both Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Julie Wei has helped thousands of children reclaim a healthy lifestyle by curing what she has termed the “Milk and Cookie Disease” (MCD). Her goal is to empower people across the globe to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes, and revolutionize how we define and provide for children's health and well-being.

"What I’ve observed is that many of my patients are not actually sick. Yes, they do have symptoms and feel miserable, and they may even be chronically unwell — but they aren’t sick in a medical sense. What’s wrong is something medicines won’t cure. They’ve got what I call the 'Milk & Cookie Disease.'" – Dr Julie Wei

The good news is that MCD is completely preventable and treatable.


Dr. Julie Wei wants kids who are born healthy, to stay healthy. Her vision for the Healthy Kids Movement is to:

  • Provide informed, honest and compassionate advice about ear, nose, throat and other symptoms children experience.
  • Share recommendations and practical guidelines for diet and lifestyle changes that improve health and decrease the need for medication use.
  • Prevent the misdiagnosis, overmedication and invasive surgical treatment of thousands of children each year.


As an advocate for children’s health, Dr. Julie Wei’s mission is to:

  • Revolutionize the way we define and provide for children’s well-being.
  • Help kids (and families) with chronic symptoms get healthy through diet and lifestyle solutions.
  • Grow awareness, accountability and action amongst parents, caregivers, educators and medical professionals.
  • Dr. Julie Wei earned her medical degree from the New York Medical College and completed her residency training at The Mayo Clinic.
  • Over the past twenty years, she has held various positions as an ENT Specialist in the United States.
  • Currently, she is the Division Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida.
  • An overview of Dr. Wei’s career can be viewed here.
  • Dr. Julie Wei grew up in Taiwan, where many of her early memories were created through food.
  • At 9, she lost her mother due to breast cancer and this inspired her to later pursue a career in medicine.
  • Dr. Julie Wei’s family immigrated to Los Angeles in 1980. After her medical training, she moved to Kansas City to begin her practice.
  • Dr. Wei now lives in Orlando with her husband and young daughter, Claire.
  • As a wife and working mother, Dr. Wei understands the demands of a busy family life. Her work and recommendations are rooted in this perspective.
"The overconsumption of certain foods – especially dairy and sugar – can be a major factor in common, chronic ear, nose and throat symptoms, particularly when given to children at night." – Dr. Julie Wei

Want to be part of the movement? Start a conversation with Dr. Julie Wei about how to prevent the misdiagnosis, overmedication and invasive surgical treatment of thousands of children each year.