Possible Causes of Chronic Cough in Children

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This is an article on the topic of chronic cough, and makes reference to a published paper describing a structured approach to chronic cough. However, just as it’s been my experience in academia, none of the possible causes of cough listed included or mentioned the possibility of acid reflux and laryngopharyngeal reflux, from what our children eat and drink.
I absolutely agree with all the clinical symptoms listed, and differential diagnoses including environmental causes such as second hand smoke exposure. However, the conclusion that antibiotics can eradicate the bacterial biofilm and should be used for 2 to 3 weeks is typical of conventional dogma and belief that cough and many other upper airway symptoms represents an “infection”.
This is why I created an online course called Curing Chronic Cough in Children: A Guide for Parents for the public, and have spent the past 17 years sharing my observations of the impact diet and dietary habits have on children’s health.
Scientists continue to find the negative impact of antibiotics on gut microbiome, starting in very early childhood with possible links to future adult diseases.
Whatever we can do to try and eliminate symptoms without the use of medications and surgical procedures should always be considered; that’s what we would all want for our own children.
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Acid Reflux Cough

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