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Update: The Chronic Cough in Children online course is now available. Learn more here.

Online courses on chronic cough, chronic runny nose, and my Healthy Kids Movement (how to increase health while decreasing the overuse of medications) are coming soon!

I am so grateful to Kelly and Brently, who spent Memorial Day Weekend with us, helping me film 3 of my upcoming online courses for all of you! After almost 15 years of daily conversations with parents asking about the dietary habits of children who have come to see me as an ENT for chronic runny nose and congestion, chronic cough, and countless other ENT problems, I am so excited that soon you will be able to access the highlights and summary of what took me so long to learn and what medical school never taught me.

My vision is to help as many children in the world as possible, to live a healthy life, free from chronic symptoms, doctor’s visits, and daily prescription medications, and to stop being “sick all the time” or seem that way. My mission through these courses is to help parents, caretakers, and even physicians, by increasing awareness about the true underlying and most often missed public health crisis and epidemic—acid reflux in children—not because they were born with a disease, but because of the 21st century's highly acidic diet for children accepted by all as “normal”, yet causing symptoms that mimic illness and allergies.

As a result of taking my courses, you will learn what most doctors will never explain to you: how the body works; why little noses run so much and are congested so often; and the reasons we cough and why a cough can last for weeks or months. I will also share solutions for each possible cause of symptoms that often last weeks, months, and years in spite of the medications children take everyday. Don’t you want to know why?

ENT Dr. Julie Wei filming online coursesThe courses will summarize for you what took 17 years, thousands of patients, and my careful observations on patterns between symptoms and dietary habits of children that led me to recommend changes to resolve chronic symptoms. These online courses will complement and highlight details in cases you haven’t read in my A Healthier Wei or Acid Reflux in Children books. The courses will clarify for you possible causes and many holistic solutions that do not depend on medications and surgeries. This is meant to supplement all the resources I have made available on my website,, as well as my weekly blogs. I hope you will enjoy them and then decide what makes sense to try with your own child, to decrease coughing and runny noses. By sharing and explaining how our bodies are designed to work, how the digestive and airway system are connected, and what triggers symptoms that cause problems in children and adults, I hope you will feel more confident as you care for your child, when speaking to your child’s doctor and asking specific questions about how to get your child off of medications that do not seem to help their symptoms.

Every child who was born healthy without a serious medical problem, such as a heart problem, cystic fibrosis, test proven allergies, genetic disorder, etc., deserves to live a healthy life free of “illness”. Their journey to health can start today and last a lifetime.

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