Acts of Love—Part 1

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I opened the door and walked into my office, and could not believe what I saw. Dave had somehow managed to set up a beautiful refrigerator, with a coffee/tea station on top, complete with mugs, coffee stirrers, tea/coffee, and stocked the refrigerator with water, hummus, Diet Coke (for entertaining as I almost never drink soda), sugar snap peas, carrots, and creamer. He left me a beautifully handwritten message about why I now have no excuses for going all day without eating/drinking then feeling awful and exhausted almost daily, but mostly, as I cried from being overwhelmed by his act of thoughtfulness and loving kindness, to remind me to take care of myself. But that's not all! under my desk were instant noodle (not the best, but my indulgence), chips, crackers, and in my desk drawers were almonds, pistachios, which kept company with individual zip lock bags Lisa made me full of trail mix.

Dave and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, but I must admit this month has not been easy for us as I have been so busy and not managing myself well. What I mean by that is I come home exhausted physically and emotionally, and generally am not the most patient or engaging with the two most important people in my life, Dave and Claire.

I made myself instant noodle after my last surgical case, and then as I enjoyed it I sent a "selfie" to Dave to let him know how happy and grateful I am to be nourished! Literally and otherwise. As someone whose primary language of love is "acts of service," and food/food preparation is such a significant way of life for how I love and receive love from others, Dave has made me feel more loved than ever. I am so blessed to be married to him and look forward to our next 10 years!

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