Sugar Assessment


Added sugar intake per day for children should be limited to 3 - 4 teaspoons for 4 - 8 year olds, and 5 - 8 teaspoons for 8 - 16 year olds. However, most American children have far more than this in one day and often just in one drink!

Children who drink excessive amounts of juice and milk also tend to be poor eaters and seem to not have an appetite. Eliminating excessive sugars and switching to water will usually improve a child's appetite and result in a child eating more actual food.

Take the assessment below to find out, on average, how many teaspoons of sugar your child drinks per day.

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Did the results of the assessment surprise you? Below are a few suggestions to help you improve your child's diet and get them drinking more water:

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  2. Take the Drink More Water challenge to decrease the amount of sugar you and your family drink each day.
  3. Watch Dr. Wei on Fox News compare popular sugary beverages with their candy equivalent. It's shocking!