Water Challenge


Most people don’t realize how little water they drink each day. The same is true for children. Adults think fruit juices are healthy and that drinking juice is the same as eating fresh fruit. Most children drink more sugary beverages than water.

Drinking water is a habit that needs to be developed. Children whose preferred drink is NOT water will unlikely choose water over other sugary beverages as they grow up.

For a printable version of the Drink More Water Challenge, download it here.


For one week, challenge yourself and your kids to drink more water than any other beverage. All day. Every day. That’s it! Keep a daily log of all of the beverages consumed and at the end of the week, count them up. Use the tracking sheet on the following page to help you.


Download and print the Beverages Tracking Log to help you track what you drink throughout the week.


  1. Invite others to join you—friends, neighbors, etc.
  2. Use a water bottle and bring it to school and work.
  3. Drink water with every meal.