Acid Reflux in Children
A group of children with baskets of food items on the cover of the book HOW HEALTHY EATING CAN FIX YOUR CHILD'S ASTHMA, ALLERGIES, OBESITY, NASAL CONGESTION, COUGH + CROUP

Co-authored by Dr. Julie Wei, Acid Reflux in Children is the revolutionary book for parents who want to help their children lead healthy, active lives, free of acid reflux and the many other symptoms this condition can create.

"In the United States, the traditional medical approach has been to focus on treatment rather than prevention of disease and illness. Nutrition and diet, though, can be at the heart of good health. Acid Reflux is a case in point. Drs. Koufman, Wei and Zur, through their engaging stories and experience, empower the reader to make healthier food choices through appropriate understanding of the underlying mechanisms of acid reflux disease. Acid Reflux in Children is a must read for anyone treating, advising, cooking for, and/or caring for children with acid reflux disease. It introduces evidence-based yet pragmatic and easy to understand nutritional practices to help health care providers and parents use nutrition and good cooking habits to restore and maintain children’s health. More importantly, working through nutrition to eliminate the cause of acid reflux can decrease or even eliminate the need for medication and improve a child’s quality of life."

—Robert W. Carr, MD, MPH, FACPM, President, American College of Preventive Medicine

"Most medical schools aren't teaching doctors anything about diet and nutrition, and so, this falls into the hands of parents and grandparents. If you have children, you must read this book."

—Dr. Erika Schwartz, author of "Don't Let Your Doctor Kill You" and Founder of Evolved Science

"Acid Reflux in Children is a revolutionary book in the way we do pediatric care. With the support of grounded research, Drs. Koufman, Wei, and Zur put the power back in the hands of the parents. This book is scientific, relatable, supportive, insightful, and action-oriented. It really provides great insight as to the cause of childhood health problems. I have already taken new actions with food instead of drugs, and I feel like a better mom."

—Kari Granger, Global Leadership Development Coach

"As a father of three boys, I only wish I could have had access to this book much earlier in my life. It is practical, brilliant, and powerful. Every parent needs to read this!"

—Jim Loehr, EdD, Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute

"I am so excited to find a book that truthfully addresses the connection between nutrition and an active lifestyle which leads to optimal health. This book is easy to read, giving clear medical explanations for why acid, sugar, and fat are detrimental to kids. Our family had learned important lessons from it and I know yours will, too."

—Annika Sörenstam, Wold-Renowned Athlete and World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee