Nutrition Facts Label


Reading and understanding the nutrition facts label on prepared foods can be challenging, even for savvy shoppers. However, the information listed can help you make healthier choices when shopping. Each label includes details about what is in the product, how much you are getting per serving and what the size is of each serving.

To view and print the Nutrition Facts Label document, download it here.

  • Read a food label and check the ingredient list before you purchase the item to see if there are added sugars. If an item that has added sugars and the amount of sugar listed on the panel is much higher than your child's daily limit, then make the wise choice of not selecting it.
  • The sugars and syrups added to food and beverages during processing or manufacturing are important to limit; these are distinct from naturally occurring sugars in fruit and milk.
  • Consider more wholesome snack choices for snacks that contain at least a couple food groups on your child's plate.
  • A morning snack between breakfast and lunch, and an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner are suggested. However, snacks before bedtime are not. Be sure that your child eats a balanced dinner at least two hours before bedtime and there will be no need for a nighttime snack.
  • My Food Diary is a website that shares nutrition facts for a variety of foods and beverages.